Art McAuley, AIF®

Art McAuley, AIF®



Fun Fact: Art rappelled down a 35-story building in the city of Pittsburgh as a part of an Our Clubhouse fund raiser.

Art is someone that would be considered a true Pittsburgher. Working to operate multiple foundations and non-profit organizations, Art has a true passion for bettering his community and city. He has come to be known as an influential community leader, and as such, Art would undoubtedly be considered the networker on the North Star team. We can’t take him anywhere without someone recognizing him, including in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Art has over 26 years in the financial industry working to introduce his clients to strategies and unique opportunities which seek to diversify and protect their financial assets. He joined North Star because he has a calling for helping people with all types of financial issues, and saw the opportunity to merge with like-minded associates who agree that all decisions are made in the clients’ best interests.


  • Wealth Management for professionals, senior managers, business and individual clients
  • Business and Estate Planning
  • Networking
  • Portfolio Diversification and Investment Management
  • Exercising and poking fun at Crey


  1. What do you love about your job?

I love experiencing the growth and developments of the relationships that become an important part of my life, and hopefully theirs as well. I love being able to relate to my clients, as I had not always been an advisor so I can confidently say, “been there, done that…” when it comes to having made good and not perfect personal investment decisions because of poor or no advice and guidance.

  1. What could you do without?

Besides Crey’s bald jokes… The over saturation of business media noise by talking heads who use short-term events as foundations for long term prognostications.

  1. How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as someone who made things better for others. Not in a global way, but in one-on-one situations.

  1. Why do you think you are best suited for investment advising? What makes you different?

I draw on decades of experience in helping clients make informed decisions. I believe in long term benefits for my clients. Every advisor is “different”, and no one advisor is suitable for everyone. What separates me from my peers is that I consider myself to have a keen sense of perception. I pride myself on listening to people and reading the unspoken body language or action that people knowingly or not, exhibit in meetings and social events. In today’s instantaneous message and media age, listening and observing have become a lost trait. 



The AIF designation certifies that the recipient has specialized knowledge of fiduciary standards of care and their application to the investment management process. Through a process of education, industry experience, ongoing professional training program and a passing of a comprehensive closed book proctored exam. Abiding by the Code of Ethics and Standards is an on-going requirement.

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